Fabulous Videos

I love when someone comes to film at Fabulous Furniture, because we can see how much work we’ve created since the last filming. It’s always such a wonderful surprise to see it through someone else's eyes

Steve Heller welding

Steve Heller welding at Fabulous Furniture on 28

Drone video- Steve Heller's fabulous furniture

A Portrait of Fabulous Furniture

Dinosaurs and Rocketships

A portrait of outsider artist, Steve Heller, from Woodstock, NY. Master welder and found-metal designer, his latest challenge is a full size Tyrannosaurus Rex.

A Fabulous Table for Michael Lang

Steve Heller makes a custom conference table for Michael (Woodstock) Lang's new entertainment company. He designs and manufactures the giant table using spalted maple slabs of wood he has had stored in his trailer. He and his side kick Mickey finish it and deliver to Manhattan where they almost kill themselves getting the massive table in the elevator!

Heller On Wheels Sizzle Reel Pitch #3

Heller On Wheels Sizzle Reel Pitch #4

Moving Chainosaurus

Steve Heller's fabulous sculpture The Chainosaurus, which for years had been an attraction in his sculpture garden at Fabulous Furniture on RT28 in Boiceville, was recently sold to a longtime admirer. This short movie documents the deliver of a four thousand pound beast made from chains and other found metal objects. Thanks to Sarah Plant for her wonderful music.

Ever WOnder Who Makes Those Cool Woodstock Film Festival Awards?

Steve Heller at his place, Fabulous Furniture in Woodstock, NY, that's who. He designed them 10 years ago and his creative assistant Mike Karpf builds them now. Famous filmmakers from all over the world covet these pieces of sculpture not only for their value as an award but for their artistic form. Look for these two in a new television series called Heller On Wheels. see