In 1973 I bought a run down motel in Boiceville NY, 10 minutes from Woodstock, and moved my shop and showroom in. Each building was crumbling, so one by one I redid them. I have an acre and a half of land, and every inch is covered with my “stuff”! But ask me where a particular piece of wood or wrench is, and I’ll take you right to it. Come take a tour, either in person or virtually. You qill also find an amazing collection of robots, space ships, and custom cars.

Fabulous Furniture

I started Fabulous Furniture in 1973, but I started working with wood long before then. When I was twelve I used to do my paper route and then ride my bike over to the park and look for fallen trees. I would carry them home in my press basket and carve them into forms. I still have some of those original pieces!

When creating our Live Edge Furniture, we do all our own logging, looking for trees too big and misshapen to be used by other loggers. Many of these trees are rotten or dead, and both of these “defects” produce incredible grain patterns. We do the milling, sawing and drying right at Fabulous Furniture in Boiceville, NY, 10 minutes from Woodstock. Nothing is stained or dyed: all variations occur naturally in the wood.

We are also known for our fantastic metal sculptures that grace our property, and our showroom, as well as one-of-a-kind ROBOTS, SPACE SHIPS, and CUSTOM CARS.

Our Team

Steve Heller

For 47 years I’ve been lucky enough to make my living by building all the wild and fabulous stuff in my head! My work has been shown in museums and galleries, graces the homes of actors and rock stars; but my favorite part is working with someone to design a piece of furniture or sculpture that will stay in their family for generations.

Mike Karpf

I met my creative partner-in-crime, Mike Karpf, at, where else? a car show! Within days he was working with me. He’s the most creative person I know. If I doodle something on a napkin, Mike can materialize it in full form. Check out his amazing RC cars and trucks on his instagram, @Michaelplatypuss1

Martha Frankel

My wife is the writer Martha Frankel, whose memoir, Hats and Eyeglasses, tells about her family's love affair with gambling. She is the director of the Woodstock Bookfest and a renowned storyteller. She is often found at the store, talking with customers. @martha.frankel